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Something is Screwy

Posted by Admin on 11/19/2020
Something is Screwy

One look at the fastener aisle in the big box stores will tell you that the selection has grown considerably in the last few years. You will see rows and rows of everything from staples, tacks, nails, bolts and yes, screws. It can be a daunting task to select the one that will suit your situation and give you the best performance. Since we specialize in screws, that is what we can talk about today. Here are some examples of the screws that you will find on our website store.

§ Structural wood screws for general indoor and outdoor projects such as framing, decking, fencing, siding and cabinetry.

§ Trim head wood screws for finish work, siding, exterior and interior trim, door and window installations, cabinetry and railings.

§ Finish head wood screws for interior and exterior detail work, trim, flooring, doors and windows.

§ Cabinet and more wood screws have a larger “mushroom” type head for extra holding power, particularly useful when installing cabinets. The smaller version is used with the popular Kreg style pocket-hole jigs.

§ Heavy duty structural lags screws are used for fastening large framing members such as rafters, ledgers, girders and posts. With the large head and aggressive thread design they provide excellent performance when used in these applications.

§ Hex head structural lag screws are used primarily large wood member applications, landscaping timbers, log homes and deck frame construction.

These screws highlight the bulk of our offerings, also available are wood-to- metal screws, self-drilling sheet metal screws, bits, brackets and other related items. Feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have, we are happy to help you at www.screwsolutions.com

Stainless or Not

Posted by Admin on 11/9/2020

Stainless steel fasteners are a very valuable item in the construction industry, in both durability and visual appeal. They are irreplaceable when dealing with wet environments, salt water, chemicals in pressure-treated wood and other harsh conditions. We recommend stainless fasteners when the project is within one mile of salt water.

The type of stainless steel is critical in the industry as well, especially when it relates to cost vs function. There are numerous compositions of materials available when manufacturing the fasteners. For instance, the more carbon that is added to the material, the harder the fastener, but less resistant to corrosion. Chromium is a popular component, as it supplies both corrosion resistance and strength, as well as the finish providing the visual appearance that is highly sought after.

Screwsolutions.com carries two types of stainless screws, 305 & 316. The 305 series is considered the best value in terms of a balance of cost and performance. The 316 cost is higher due to the superior corrosion resistance and a higher strength rating, which comes into play when using them in a structural situation that might require a high shear value. Both types of screws are identical in design and utilize the same star-drive system for installation. More on star-drive in another article. Here is an info sheet on the stainless steel screws.


Since stainless steel is a softer material, as compared to hardened steel, a long screw is not feasible because of the additional torque required to drive it into place. The screw shears off at the shank when too much force is applied. As such, the longest stainless steel screw that we carry is 4”. We are doing some research on longer sizes, hopefully we will be able to offer something in the future that we are comfortable with.